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Yantai Xingtai Aluminum alloy speedboat: Aluminum alloy spee

Engine noise
Usually pay more attention to whether the engine has a different sound, if the engine is found to have an abnormal sound, it must be serviced in a timely manner. Whether it is the oil road, waterway, or ignition system and fan.
When the water temperature is high, the engine oil becomes thinner, because the oil is also cooled by water. Once the oil becomes thinner, the friction gap in the engine becomes smaller, resulting in a similar "clatter" metal crash. If the water temperature is too high and not adjusted in a timely manner, it will cause the oil temperature to be too high and the boiling point of the oil to evaporate, resulting in the combustion taste of the oil.

Since the vast majority of the cylinder covers of the engine are now made of aluminum alloy, the purpose of using an aluminum alloy engine is to better help the engine of the vehicle to cool down, so it is very sensitive to changes in temperature. Once the water temperature reaches a high temperature of more than 100 degrees or even 200 degrees, the aluminum alloy engine is easily distorted to cause water leakage, and a large amount of water may be poured into the engine to cause accidents such as engine flameout and Anchorage.