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Yantai xingtai aluminum alloy speedboat: aluminum alloy fish

It is a common problem for aluminum alloy fishing boats to go to sea to fish seasickness. In addition to the necessary sunscreen and mosquito repellent before going to sea, seasickness treatment products are also indispensable.
1, peppermint oil
According to traditional Chinese medicine, applying peppermint oil to the temples can ease the nausea caused by seasickness. In fact, its pleasant smell is often used as a massage essential oil and foot bath.
2, Explorer to relieve seasickness bracelet
Unlike the normal needle pressure Halo bracelet, this Explorer relieves seasickness and sends out a mild electrical Pulse, blocking the dizzy and nausea signals between the brain and the stomach. In previous experiments, symptoms were effectively relieved within 20 minutes, and the success rate was as high as 90 %. Since the product did not have any side effects, it was also approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The bracelet uses a replaceable battery, and five different pulse intensities allow it to target different levels of symptoms and users of different ages.

3, ginger
For users who prefer to use natural therapies, Shengjianggen is a good way to recuperate their stomachs. It is also used in a variety of ways. Ginger tea or chewing a piece of Shengjianggen is the most common. If you can't handle the taste or want to find a better way to preserve it, choose a bottled ginger capsule.
4, brain benefit
If more traditional medical methods are to be adopted, the active elements in the brain isazine tablets are also known as Guiliqin -- this antihistamine prevents and relieves nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and headaches caused by seasickness. The over-the-counter drug is available in most pharmacies and supermarkets and is available to patients over the age of .
5, essential oils
If your child has seasickness and wants to find a more natural and drug-free relief, essential oils are ideal. The two most effective oils for seasickness are grapefruit and geranium. Apply to the pulse area and take a small amount. Light on the neck.