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Yantai Xingtai aluminum alloy speedboat: requirements for in

Yantai Xingtai aluminum alloy speedboat requirements for inspection technology of aluminum alloy speedboats:

1. Applicable to all non business motorized yachts, including maritime and inland navigation.

2. The inspection period is the same as that of a general cargo ship, but the drawings and inspection items are simplified by considering the characteristics of the yacht. And the product type approval test mode is introduced for batch production prototype craft.

3. In some respects, it is required to be in line with ISO as far as possible, such as the requirement of stress tail sealing plate and the tightness of doors and windows.

4. Simplify outfitting, fire fighting equipment and life-saving equipment according to the actual situation of non-commercial aluminum alloy speedboat. For boats fixed in warm waters, open life rafts on both sides are allowed to replace inflatable life rafts.

5, from the aesthetic aspect, the aluminum alloy speedboat should not ask for the marking of the load line.

6. A simple and complete method of stability and stability for aluminum alloy speedboats below 8m is given.

7. Considering the unfixed area of the aluminum alloy speedboat, we need to add the depth sounder.