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Yantai Xingtai Aluminum Alloy Yacht: Improving the Quality o

Improving product quality is the basis of sustainable development of enterprises


The theme of this year's Quality Month is "Improving the quality of supply and building a strong quality country".

At the "Production Planning Conference", it was proposed that we should lay stress on products and quality, do well in after-sales service, establish quality management standards, improve and perfect quality management system and increase relevant rewards and punishments. With the problems found in after-sales service as the starting point, we should collect, count and analyze the root causes of quality problems, and at the same time, strictly sell products while doing well in after-sales service. The quality control before the factory will solve all the same or similar problems found in the after-sales service before leaving the factory, so as to avoid the related problems after the products leave the factory and cause after-sales service, which not only brings unnecessary troubles to users, but also damages the company's image, and also brings unnecessary human and material losses.

On the premise that the company's business form is very good, the alarm bell should be sounded long, the quality of products should be continuously improved, and after-sales service should be done well.