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Yantai Xingtai Aluminum Alloy boats: surface oxidation Alumi

Four points of attention should be paid attention to in the post oxidation process of aluminum profiles. 

(1) hot water flushing. But the water temperature and time should be strictly controlled, the temperature of the film is too high to be thinner and the color fade. There will be similar problems in the long processing time of industrial aluminum profiles. The suitable temperature and time are: the temperature is 40~50 degrees centigrade from 0.5 to 1MIN.

(2) dry. Dry to dry as well, the workpiece Xiegua hot water to keep stuffing on the shelf, let the free water surface in the vertical direction to the downstream. The water droplets that flow to the corners of the lower end are sucked out with towels. The color of the film dried by this method is not affected, and it is natural.

(3) aging. The aging method of aluminum profile can be determined according to climatic conditions. The summer with sunlight can be exposed to sunlight, rainy or winter, and can be baked by oven. The technological conditions are: 40~50 ~ 10 15min.

(4) repair of unqualified parts. The unqualified conductive oxide film should be picked out before drying and aging process. Because the film is hard to be removed after drying and aging, and it will affect the roughness of the workpiece surface. The author has explored some problems in the process, and found that the following methods are very effective and simple, without affecting the surface quality of the workpiece. The unqualified workpiece clamp used in the aluminum anodic oxidation, and anodic oxidation method in H2SO4 solution by aluminum anodic treatment by 2 ~ 3min, the film is soft, fall off, followed by alkali cleaning and nitric acid to re light conductive anodizing.